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A.E. Fitness Professionals

Our Top Certified Team

Sharon Jared Maureen Crystal

Jenny Jody Rochelle

Our goal is to work with you as a team to achieve your desired level of fitness!

Wether it's weight loss, muscle toning, sport spefic development, etc.

AE Fitness Professionals will get you to where you want to go.


Reaching your personal health and wellness goals starts at A.E. Fitness Montclair with the best Fitness Professionals!

All AE Fitness Professionals have top nationally recognized certifications and expreienced backgrounds in dealing with a wide range of clientele.  Our Fitness Professionals understand that each individual they work with will have different goals, wants, & needs - in addition to different strengths & weaknesses.  AE Fitness Professionals are here to help you meet your specific goals, wants, & needs - in addtion to building your strengths & making your weaknesses become your strengths.

We are ready to work with All Ages, All Fitness Levels! Members and Non-members welcomed!

Interested in speaking to one of our professionals? Emailor call us today at 973-233-0888.

Don't forget to check out our SPECIALTY TRAINING page!


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